How I Feel…

Lyrics By:

James M.  & Dortonnio C. (Western Piedmont)

Song shared during the 2012 NC Youth Summit

I’d like to speak on how I feel…

Y’all just sit back let me tell you how I’m feelin

It’s time to turn my life around, stay out of prison

Everytime I close my eyes I be seein visions

Do you see what I’m sayin? See my disposition?

Get my tail back in school, away from inhibitions

Just don’t know where to turn, I got prior convictions

young white rapper, bro what a contradiction

they say I will never make it, if so what am I missin?

Called up my caseworker Bonnie, tell me something

Why they hatin on me when I ain’t done nothin?

Why they talkin bout me, always saying that im frontin?

They tryin to down my skills even thought they’re abundant

Keep my name out your mouth cuz your words are so redudndant

Come on down to the COG and see how I be stuntin

You hiding beneath your cover but its time to get up from under it

Stand up in the crowd, tell ’em keep it comin!

This song was shared during a talent show in which youth were given an opportunity to represent where they are from.  James’ and Dortonnio’s account of their struggle and determination to better themselves by way of the Workforce Investment Act program in Hickory, NC is just one of the features from the 2012 North Carolina Youth Summit….Young Adults, One Voice

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