2012 NC Youth Summit


Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour Features Workshops, Keynotes by Country’s Top Young Entrepreneurs


[GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA]—The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour (EET) visited the Annual North Carolina Youth Summit today to introduce students and members of the local community to the opportunities that are available through entrepreneurship, and to help them explore ways in which they can help drive the economy, create jobs for themselves and pursue their passions.


The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour – the first ever collegiate entrepreneur tour – includes keynotes, exhibits, workshops, and question-and-answer sessions led by the country’s most successful young entrepreneurs. The Tour was created in 2006 by two twenty-somethings, and intends to expose young people to entrepreneurship, and inspire students to look at entrepreneurship as a viable career pathway.


The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour is organized by Empact [www.iempact.com], and has held more than 400 events across 35 states, since 2006.  The tour has also featured many of the country’s top young entrepreneurs who have built or sold successful companies for over $1 million before the age of 30.


“Creating a culture of entrepreneurship in our students is paramount to leading us out of the current economic downturn, and driving job growth, both now and for the future.” said Arel Moodie, partner at Empact. “Students in North Carolina and across the country are learning they can’t wait for someone else to provide them with a job. Instead, they realize that rather than waiting for opportunity to knock, now is the time to take action and open the door that will ultimately lead to success.”


Prospective entrepreneurs should be inspired, not intimidated, by the current economic climate, according to Michael Simmons, co-founder of the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. “More than half the companies on the 2009 Fortune 500 list were launched during a recession or bear market,” said Simmons. “Technology and globalization have made it very inexpensive to start a business. Now is the best time to become your own boss.”


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