Registration for the 2020 NC Youth Summit opens today!

The NC Youth Summit planning committee is indeed excited to announce that registration for the 2020 NC Youth Summit which will be held in Cary, NC again in 2020 is officially open!

If you have any issues with online registration please contact Solomon McAuley (704) 348-2725 or email him at

See you in April!!!

Artist J.K. aka Jordan Kristine Seamón will be performing at the 2019 NC Youth Summit

J.K., born Jordan Kristine Seamon is an R&B/Urban Pop Singer/Song-Writer, Actress, Artist, Author, Entrepreneur and Philadelphia, PA native that is now based in Atlanta, GA. 16 year-old J.K.’s sound is rich, soulful, and charismatic. J.K. is influenced by greats like Etta James and Nina Simone. J.K. established herself as a dynamic songwriter with her 1st single, “Glo-Up”, Original Philadelphia Eagles, 2018 Superbowl Champs, Rap Tribute & “Glo-Up” Remix Featuring, High Defynition, which released on March 5, 2018 and can be found on all music platforms.

The NC Youth Summit Planning Committee and the NextGen Youth & Young Adults are excited to have her coming to join us this year!!

WOW!!!! The 12th Annual NC Youth Summit

The 12th Annual NC Youth Summit was one that will go down in history!! Do not just take our word for it, here are some quotes by some that attended.

“Watching our Next Generation Go from Fearful to Fearless was Priceless”  Gary Mason (NextGen Service Leader, Centralina WDB, )

“I left the summit feeling happy and inspired” Jasmine Mungro (Customer, Centralina WDB)

“I had an opportunity to attend and experience the 2018 Youth Summit.  This was a great event, well organized and successfully executed. The Youth Summit provided the youth in attendance with important information to help them navigate and make choices in their lives.  Workshops and speakers helped youth to gain perspective on various topics such as, confidence in their abilities, developing coping skills, understanding you are not alone in your situation and how to adopt a fearless mentality/mindset.  The Youth Summit is a valuable event to help our youth understand small steps forward lead to the attainment of large goals. ” Marcus Pryor ( NextGen Council Member, Centralina WDB)

“I really enjoyed the Youth Summit. It encouraged me to be FEARLESS and always to be willing to have courage.  It also taught me how to control my anger and not to let it hold me back.  The part I loved the most was breaking the boards. It felt as if it signified as a breakthrough from everything that has happen to me.  This really inspired me a lot.” Cor’ Nicqua Coggins (Customer, Davidson County WDB)

“The breaking of the boards was so symbolic for me. When I broke my board it felt like such a release off my shoulders. It made me feel like I didn’t need to be afraid but to be strong and face all of my fears.” Lovell Phann  (Customer, Davidson County WDB)

I really enjoyed the Youth Summit over this past weekend. I was able to meet other people who have similar problems as I do. It’s not every day you can have a conversation with a person who understands you, instead of looking at you as a failure.The workshops in my opinion really helped to open my eyes back up and inspire me to do my best. When I arrived I really didn’t know what to expect so I “stood against the wall” and kept to myself. Then I joined in the crowd during the first workshop and everything changed.I really hope that they continue to do the Youth Summit or to have more during the year to inspire people like me and help them on their journey to becoming FEARLESS!   Chase McNelis (Customer, Davidson County WDB)

I really enjoyed the NC Youth Summit, can I go next year or will I be to old? ShaQuetta McKoy (Customer, Triangle South WDB)

“It was amazing to spend quality time with people that had gone through similar things as myself. I felt it was easier to connect and listen the them. It’s amazing knowing that we have all pushed through to make something out of ourselves” – Felipe Zamora-Ramirez (Customer, Regional Partnership WDB)

“I had a really good time at the Youth Summit This was my first time going and I really enjoyed everything and I want to thank everyone that pulled this together, it was great!” Rebecca Spivey (Customer, Regional Partnership WDB)

(Click  to read the 2018 NC Youth Summit Press Release )